Orthopedic shoes machinery

Take a look at our selection of orthopedic shoes machinery

Milling machine, La San Crispino Model Ortho 2B

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Abrasive ring, 100x90mm diameter, 283mm length


Abrasive ribbon, 100x90mm diameter, 283mm length with a right bayonet coupling point


  • Vertically adjustable buffing plug, 2800rpm
  • Internal aspirating fan, for a maximum fine dust aspiration
  • Dust recovery system with removable trays
  • Internal fabric-based filter with rear panels for a double filtration
  • Internal wheels for precision movement

Milling machine, Nuova Ginev Model Ortho FR2002

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This milling machine has a rotating and skewable engine; it’s been conceived to be used in orthopedics laboratories.

It’s built on a cast iron base with a steel rod, ready to be hooked up to a centralized aspiration system or an independent one (aspiration nozzle diameter: 150mm).

Main features are an automatically stalling engine with 2 speeds, 1400/2800rpm, a double shutter aspiration chamber for a better aspirationg force distribution, a height adjustment handle, 500mm length milling shaft, with an M16 fillet mounted on the right and removable protection.

It’s also equipped with two emergency buttons to increase security when needed.

Refining bench, Nuova Ginev Model B3

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This machine is particularly ideal to be used by shoe repairmen, artisans and in orthopedics laboratories.

It’s equipped with aspiration systems on both workstation and it also has a dust collector with an embedded bag.